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Ellsworth Springs Neighborhood Real Estate

With a population of more than 5000 residents and covering a large section of wooded land just to the Southeast of downtown Vancouver, Ellsworth Springs is a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with a historical legacy dating back to the 1800s.

By the early 20th century most of the farmsteads that once graced the sloping hillside had given way to new residential and commercial developments. Today Ellsworth Springs features an array of housing options from brand new Condos to graceful older single family homes, and a plethora of shopping and dining establishments along S.E. Mill Plain Boulevard and Chkalov Drive.

Ellsworth Elementary School Park is located next its namesake and provides a convenient place for locals to gather and relax. Ellsworth Springs Woods is one of the jewels of the neighborhood, with natural springs and an abundance of native wildlife thriving under a canopy of old growth trees. Some of the City of Vancouver’s municipal water wells are also located in the Ellsworth Springs Woods.

Ecological preservation is important to the residents of Ellsworth Springs, and the active community association has helped enact laws to protect the remaining forest and wetlands from overdevelopment while promoting responsible business practices and traditional neighborhood values.

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