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Esther Short Neighborhood Real Estate

Truly a study in balance, the Esther Short neighborhood encompasses most of downtown Vancouver and combines the charm and character of a small town with the amenities of a thriving urban metropolis.

Esther Short Park was established in 1853 by one of the city’s founding citizens and is known to be the oldest public square in the Pacific Northwest. With more than 5 acres of public land, bronze statue, water features, amphitheater, flower gardens, playground and famous bell tower and Glockenspiel, the park is considered the very heart of Vancouver.

There is no shortage of attractive housing options in the Esther Short neighborhood- tucked amid the many locally owned shops, restaurants, municipal buildings and theaters of the are several vintage single family homes, well tended shared-wall housing and newly constructed Condos.

The nearby Waterfront Renaissance Trail connects downtown Vancouver and Esther Short with the city’s great Columbia River shoreline. More than 4 miles of paved trail traces the river’s banks, winding past the Kaiser Viewing Tower, Tidewater Cove, Marine Park and other notable recreation destinations. Several lovely shops, restaurants and picnic areas line the trail, as well. More than $300 million has been funneled into new projects in the downtown Vancouver area since 1997, with additional development and reconstruction of the Boise Cascade waterfront on the horizon.

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