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Fruit Valley Neighborhood Real Estate

As the largest and westernmost neighborhood in Vancouver, the mixed-use Fruit Valley neighborhood features a colorful blend of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural areas, and many acres of pristine natural wilderness.

There are approximately 1000 households in the Fruit Valley neighborhood, including the largest stock of remaining World War II housing in the city, tucked among the various parks and green spaces that characterize this area. The Port of Vancouver and other industry anchors are headquartered here, along with small manufacturers, local retailers and quaint mom-and-pop shops and diners.

Among the unique attributes of the Fruit Valley neighborhood, Vancouver Lake, the Ridgefield Wildlife Sanctuary and Firestone Farm Orchards are some of the most revered and frequently visited. Additional recreational opportunities are afforded by the neighborhood’s 4 day parks, expansive wildlife sanctuary and nearby Columbia River.

With a history stretching back more than 70 years, Fruit Valley has seen its share of challenges, all met by its resilient citizens whose motto is “Working together, we make it happen!” New schools, a community resource center and neighborhood improvement projects have made Fruit Valley into one of Vancouver’s most attractive places to live.

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