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Hough Neighborhood Real Estate

As one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods, Hough is well known for its array of early 20th century housing styles and close proximity to the historic downtown area. Close proximity to superior shopping and entertainment districts, and outstanding outdoor recreational destinations are just a few of the Hough neighborhood’s amenities.

Tidy Bungalows and airy Foursquare homes sit comfortably alongside modern single family and shared-wall dwellings, giving Hough a contemporary, progressive feel even as it maintains its status as a venerable and family friendly neighborhood. Many older Victorian homes are also located in this area, many updated to reflect current design tastes.

Although filled with lovely period homes, Hough is technically a mixed-use neighborhood. A handful of industrial complexes anchor its western border, and a scattering of commercial activity can be found along the northern, eastern and southern boundaries. Public transportation is excellent, as are the schools, and residents work hard to ensure their lovely neighborhood remains safe and comfortable for locals and tourists.

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