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Hudson’s Bay Neighborhood Real Estate

This area was home to members of the Native American Chinook tribe for thousands of years before being officially recognized as part of Vancouver in the 1820s. The original Fort Vancouver was built here and in 1849, the US Army constructed log cabins along what is now Hudson’s Bay’s Evergreen Boulevard.

Filled with quaint frame houses from the early 1900s, an array of tidy Bungalow homes, updated Condos and newly built energy efficient constructions, the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood also includes a commercial area and is considered one of the most vibrant communities in the Vancouver metro area. Rounding out the stock of historic housing are the restored Officer’s Row residences, which can be purchased by the public and are recognized by the National Register of Historic Housing.

Residents of Hudson’s Bay take great pride in their neighborhood’s distinguished history, and maintain an outstanding neighborhood association dedicated to preserving this area’s heritage while promoting positive business growth. Hudson’s Bay’s one commercial district boasts a variety of smaller, family style businesses nestled around the Kaiser Permanente Medical Clinic on Mill Plain Boulevard. A large dental clinic and several chiropractic offices also make the neighborhood their home, expanding on the progressive health care theme prevalent in Hudson’s Bay.

The famous Fort Vancouver Historical Site is immediately adjacent to Hudson’s Bay, providing a variety of educational recreational opportunities for locals and tourists. Once a fur trading outpost on a route stretching from the Rocky Mountains to Hawaii, the Fort was the original headquarters for the famed Hudson’s Bay Company and home to US military personnel from 1849 to 1946. The Fort is open to the public year round and offers acres of green space, historic awareness programs and guided tours of this full-scale replica of the original Fort Vancouver.

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