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Marrion Neighborhood Real Estate

Although this mature, mixed use neighborhood is primarily residential in nature, residents enjoy easy access to nearby retail and entertainment districts. Several public and private educational institutions can also be found within the Marrion neighborhood, each with its own legacy and community involvement programs designed to enrich the lives of students, their families and neighbors.

Located just 6 miles east of the Vancouver city center, the Marrion neighborhood covers approximately 200 square blocks and is home to nearly 3000 residents, the majority of which live in owner-occupied housing. Some of the area’s oldest homes can be found at the heart of the neighborhood, surrounded by modern apartment complexes and well planned subdivisions.

The Tranquility Natural Area was developed by a consortium of civic involvement groups, and features a wide, groomed walking path winding through 2 beautiful acres of woodland populated by wildflowers and songbirds. Tanglewood Neighborhood Park is a tiny, wooded day park featuring several old growth evergreens and open space for picnics, outdoor gatherings and community sponsored events. Access to outlying recreational destinations such as Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge Scenic area is made possible by I-205 and the BPA Corridor, both of which border the Marrion neighborhood. Known for its leafy streets and quiet country atmosphere, the Marrion neighborhood is also home to several excellent private and public schools.

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