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Mountain View Neighborhood Real Estate

The small pocket neighborhood of Mountain View remains quietly residential in nature while enjoying easy access to nearby schools, retail outlets and recreational destinations.

Filled with tree lined streets, private cul-de-sacs and period architecture, Mountain View boasts a variety of housing styles and a family friendly atmosphere in addition to convenient proximity to major commuter arterials such as Mill Plain Boulevard and Southeast 164th Avenue. A collection of department stores, chain restaurants and specialty shops defines the intersection of these thoroughfares.

The tidy, well equipped Wy’East Junior High Park at the eastern border of Mountain View was developed in collaboration with the Evergreen School District and resides on the 24 acre campus of the Wy’East Junior High School. Nearby Bella Vista and Homestead neighborhood parks also serve residents of the Mountain View neighborhood and feature acres of rolling lawns, playgrounds, picnic areas and walking paths shaded by mature trees.

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