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North Garrison Heights Neighborhood Real Estate

Originally known as McLoughlin Heights, this southeast Vancouver neighborhood has a long and distinguished history dating back to the late1800s and through WWII, when this area served as a home base for thousands of soldiers and veterans.

Bounded by Garrison Road and Mill Plain Boulevard, this pleasant, family oriented neighborhood features an assortment of modern dwellings tucked in among the period homes that line its shady streets. The northernmost section is predominately owner occupied, with an abundance of single family homes in new developments while the southern portion of North Garrison Heights boasts a variety of older and contemporary multi family apartments, Condos and Townhomes.

Mill Plain Boulevard is known for its bustling commercial activity and provides residents of North Garrison Heights with convenient shopping, dining and entertainment options close to home. Several Southwest Washington Medical Center specialty clinics are located just beyond the borders of North Garrison Heights, adding diversity and stability to the local economy.

Recreational opportunities are also plentiful in this historic neighborhood, with the expansive David Douglas Park defining much of its western border, host to Little League games and featuring a popular community center. Several smaller day parks are scattered throughout North Garrison Heights and the surrounding area, including Coop Park, which was developed through the efforts of North Garrison Height’s active community association.

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