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Oakbrook Neighborhood Real Estate

Located just 6 miles from downtown, Oakbrook is situated in the northeast section of Vancouver and is considered one of the greenest, most desirable neighborhoods in the metro area.

The majority of homes in the Oakbrook neighborhood were constructed in the 1970s, showcasing a variety of styles that reflect the charm and character of this genteel area. Winding streets lined with mature shade trees also lend a distinctly traditional feel to the neighborhood.  Approximately 60% of Oakbrook’s dwellings are owner-occupied, a rate well above the city average, many featuring expansive lawns, graceful landscaping and lovely views of the surrounding greenery.

With over 250 acres of undeveloped green space in addition to the venerable Royal Oaks Country Club and Golf Course, Oakbrook boasts a large number of local recreational opportunities for visitors and residents to enjoy. Oakbrook Park buffers Interstate 205 along the neighborhood’s eastern border and provides a children’s playground, picnic tables, tennis courts, ball fields and a paved walking path under old growth and newly seeded trees. Beaver Marsh natural area is also within the bounds of the Oakbrook neighborhood, and features protected land for native plant and wildlife as well as hiking trails and a wood footbridge spanning Burnt Bridge Creek. Interstate 205 and Burton Road provide easy access to and from the Oakbrook neighborhood. Outstanding local shopping and dining opportunities can be found along State Route 500 in addition to the nearby Vancouver Plaza, Andresen Plaza, and the celebrated Vancouver Mall.

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