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West Minnehaha Neighborhood Real Estate

With its strong sense of community, unique location and diverse mix of urban and rural characteristics, the West Minnehaha neighborhood is an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxed, family friendly place to call home. Nearly 80 percent of the many single family homes in this area are owner occupied, a rate much higher than the city average, and houses here range from cozy vintage Bungalows to upscale lofts and expansive modern estates.

The St. Johns/St. James portion of West Minnehaha is home to several stores and business services as well as an abundance of shared wall constructions and multi-family complexes. Several schools and churches are scattered throughout the neighborhood, and the Bonneville Power Administration is situated at its northwest corner, providing jobs and educational programs as well as bringing diversity to the local economy.

Two large open green spaces and an extensive network of trails are additional unique characteristics of the West Minnehaha neighborhood. The multi-use Discovery Trail follows Burnt Bridge Creek through forests and lowlands, connecting Leverich and Arnold Parks to recreation destinations both within and outside the neighborhood’s borders. The Ellen Davis trailhead is at Leverich Park and can be followed to the BPA’s historic flower gardens and back alongside creeks, meadows and lush woodland.

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