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Bagley Downs Neighborhood Real Estate

Near the heart of downtown Vancouver lays Bagley Downs, a densely populated mixed use neighborhood with roots dating back to the 1800s.

In 1914, the Clark County Fairgrounds opened in the Eastern portion of what we know today as Bagley Downs, and continued to operate there until the First World War. After 1920, the Nicholson Road Street Car ferried tourists and residents to the area’s popular horse and auto races in what was then called Bagley Park.  During World War II the community hosted a wartime housing project called Bagley Downs. Although none of the era’s project housing has survived, Bagley Downs is now filled with quaint postwar homes on large lots, a few small apartment complexes and several large 1990s-era multi-family structures.

Bagley Downs Community Park is the neighborhood’s main gathering place, with over 16 acres of rolling lawns, ball courts, playing fields, picnic areas and a children’s playground, while the nearby Bagley Center offers adult education classes and additional recreational facilities.

A variety of community sponsored programs thrive in the Bagley Downs neighborhood alongside the area’s practical assortment of drycleaners, heath clinics and financial institutions. Ethic restaurants, grocers, beauty salons and clothing boutiques provide convenient shopping and entertainment choices, allowing residents to stay close to home while meeting their everyday needs.

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