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Bella Vista Neighborhood Real Estate

Tucked into the sprawling urban forest of Cascade Park, the Bella Vista neighborhood is characterized by its outstanding natural beauty and high quality of life.

Residents of the Bella Vista neighborhood take great pride in maintaining their lovely homes, and in looking out for one another. Well tended houses on oversized lots line Bella Vista’s quiet streets and the area’s active community association works hard to ensure residents’ comfort and safety as this neighborhood continues to keep pace along with the city’s positive growth.

Recreational amenities abound in the Bella Vista neighborhood, with lovely day parks, open green spaces and the eponymous Bella Vista Park, which features perfectly manicured lawns under towering evergreens, paved walkways, a unique children’s play area, picnic tables and sports facilities. Safe streets, a singular aesthetic appeal and overall livability make this one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Vancouver metro area.

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