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Burton Ridge Neighborhood Real Estate

Located just a few miles east of downtown Vancouver, the well-established Burton Ridge neighborhood is divided into two tiers separated by a thicket of ancient conifers. The upper portion of this neighborhood is located along the top of a high ridge, offering exquisite views of Mount St. Helens and the surrounding landscape, while homes in the lower bi-level enjoy closer proximity to nearby shopping and entertainment destinations.

The Burton Ridge neighborhood occupies nearly 170 square acres and features winding roads, an abundance of native wildlife and the strong sense of pride that characterizes many of Vancouver’s more mature sections. Although some rental properties are available in the area, the majority of Burton Ridge homes are owner-occupied and have been since they were constructed in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Known for its neighborhood fundraisers, block parties, and affable nature, Burton Ridge continues to attract new homeowners looking for a comfortable, affordable and friendly place to call home.

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