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Carter Park Neighborhood Real Estate

Situated just 10 blocks from the city’s center, the pedestrian friendly Carter Park neighborhood features leafy streets, lovely bungalow style homes and easy access to the upscale shopping and entertainment destinations of uptown and downtown Vancouver.

Southwest Washington Memorial Medical Center is located at the Northern boundary of Carter Park, and has been pioneering advances in medical technology since 1858. The not-for-profit medical center also operates a variety of outreach programs, including community health and activities and public education, and offers many excellent career opportunities for Vancouver residents.

A number of the homes in Carter Park’s 50-block radius were constructed as early as the 1920s, many with detached garages situated on alleys. Recent infill construction has brought a modern sensibility to this charming area, and gives prospective homeowners more housing options.

Of the several community improvement projects under construction by the City of Vancouver are programs to improve traffic safety, cultural awareness, and increase the number of parks and outdoor gathering places in Carter Park, particularly in the Western half of the neighborhood. The Carter Park neighborhood association represents its residents’ cultural, ethnic and economic diversity and actively campaigns for neighbor-friendly business practices and protection of area wildlife habitat.

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