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Cascade Highlands Neighborhood Real Estate

The expansive, mixed-use Cascade Highlands area was officially recognized as Vancouver’s 51st neighborhood in 1999, and features an abundance of shopping and entertainment options, as well as grocers, boutiques, a movie theater and other new businesses designed to meet residents’ everyday needs.

Much of the housing in this area is newly constructed, with multi-family complexes and shared wall structures tucked in amongst charming older homes that have stood here for generations. The neighborhood’s active community association has utilized grants from the city to improve traffic safety, local ecology and overall livability for residents of Cascade Highlands.

Transportation from Cascade Highlands to nearby and outlying recreational and commercial destinations is made easy by the frequent service of Vancouver’s award winning public transportation system, convenient access to nearby Portland International Airport, and the main arterial commuter thoroughfares of Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard and Southeast 164th Avenue.

With a population of more than 3000, the Cascade Highlands neighborhood has the energy and optimism of a bustling metropolitan location as well as some breathtaking views of Mt. Hood and Mount St. Helens. Cascade Park and Homestead Park give the neighborhood’s many families a great place to while away an afternoon with more than 11 total acres to explore, children’s playgrounds and plenty of open lawn space for picnics and outdoor gatherings.

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