Port Moody

Heritage Mountain

Heritage Mountain in Port Moody, British Columbia, stands as a majestic natural landmark, offering a blend of scenic beauty and historical significance. Nestled amid lush greenery and overlooking the Burrard Inlet, this iconic mountain provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Beyond its picturesque allure, Heritage Mountain holds cultural importance, as it's dotted with remnants of Indigenous history and logging activities. The trails winding through the forested slopes cater to hikers and nature enthusiasts, promising an immersive experience in the region's rich heritage. With a perfect blend of nature and history, Heritage Mountain invites visitors to explore the past while enjoying the tranquility of the present.

Heritage Mountain Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $1.4M
Lowest Price $850K
Highest Price $2.3M
Total Listings 8
Avg. Price/SQFT $603

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Scenic Beauty and Stunning Views

Heritage Mountain offers breathtaking views of the Burrard Inlet and the surrounding mountains, creating a picturesque backdrop for residents. The lush greenery and well-maintained parks make it a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

The area boasts an extensive network of trails, perfect for hiking and biking. Residents can explore the scenic Shoreline Trail or challenge themselves with the rigorous trails of Bert Flinn Park. Outdoor recreation options abound, providing a perfect balance of serenity and adventure.

Proximity to Transit Links

Heritage Mountain is well-connected, with easy access to transit links. Commuters will appreciate the proximity to SkyTrain stations, making it convenient to travel to Vancouver and other neighboring areas for work or leisure.

Dining Experiences

Explore a diverse culinary scene with a variety of dining options. From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, Heritage Mountain caters to all tastes. Local eateries offer a blend of international cuisines, ensuring a delightful experience for food enthusiasts.

Shopping Destinations

Residents enjoy access to vibrant shopping destinations, including boutique stores and local markets. Whether you're looking for unique gifts, fashionable clothing, or everyday essentials, Heritage Mountain has it all.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Families with children benefit from the proximity to reputable schools. The area is home to excellent educational institutions, providing a high standard of learning for students of all ages.

Healthcare Facilities

Heritage Mountain ensures residents have access to quality healthcare services. Nearby hospitals and medical facilities cater to the well-being of the community, offering peace of mind for families.

Parks and Green Spaces

Heritage Mountain boasts well-maintained parks and green spaces, providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Families can enjoy picnics, outdoor activities, and community events in these beautiful settings.

Living and Working on Heritage Mountain

Living on Heritage Mountain means embracing a community-oriented lifestyle. The friendly atmosphere and sense of belonging create a unique environment for families and individuals alike. With diverse employment opportunities in the vicinity, the area also caters to those looking to work close to home.

Investment Opportunities

Investors keen on real estate will find Heritage Mountain a promising prospect. The area's popularity, coupled with its scenic appeal and robust community infrastructure, makes it an attractive choice for those looking to invest in property.

Local Events and Community Engagement

Throughout the year, Heritage Mountain hosts various community events that foster a sense of togetherness. From festivals to farmers' markets, residents can engage in vibrant local culture and build lasting connections.

Resorts and Relaxation

For those seeking a luxurious escape, nearby resorts offer indulgent experiences. Whether it's a spa weekend or a golf retreat, Heritage Mountain provides options for relaxation and rejuvenation just a short drive away.

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